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Mortgage Payment Calculator:

Simply enter the Loan Amount, Number of Years of the Term, Interest Rate to determine your monthly mortgage payment.
Amount of Loan: 
Number of Years: 
Interest Rate: 
Monthly Payment: 

Mortgage Payment Calculator:

Use this calculator to determine the monthly payment for any mortgage. You may also obtain the complete amortization schedule.

Mortgage Amortization Calculator:

An amortization table provides the complete payment schedule for a loan and breaks each payment into its principle and interest component. This page features a convenient printable version of the table

Mortgage Points Value Calculator:

Mortgage points are also called discount points, points, loan discount points, loan origination fees or maximum loan charges. A point is equal to 1 percent of the loan amount. For example, 1 point on a loan of $150,000 equals $1,500. Lenders consider mortgage points as interest that you pay in advance. As a result, the more points you pay when you close the loan, the lower your interest rate. If you qualify, you may be able to deduct mortgage points in the year you close the loan for tax purposes. Otherwise, you will have to amortize the points paid over the term of the loan.

Mortgage Refinance Comparison Calculator:

Refinancing is a means of replacing high-interest debt with a loan that has a lower interest rate. But it can also be done in order to switch from a fixed to variable rate, or vice versa, or to eliminate a balloon payment. A cash-out refinancing is one that involves you paying off your loan and borrowing an additional amount. The entire loan amount is secured by a mortgage lien on your home.

Debt Consolidation Monthly Payment Calculator:

Enter credit card debt, interest rate and time you want to payoff the debt balance. The calculator will figure the payment needed to eliminate debt within the time requested. Link to debt calculator figuring time for repayment based on monthly pay down too.

Debt Consolidation Time Calculator:

Debt balance, interest rate and monthly payment goes in the debt calculator. It will calculate the time needed for debt reduction to become debt free. Link to debt calculator for calculating monthly payment for debt elimination too.

Budget Calculator to Find Hidden Expenses:

Everyone has hidden expenses when it comes down to your personal home budget. Hidden expenses can make or break your home budget, so this calculator will help you find those hidden expenses and allow you to have a better budgeting plan for you and your family.

Home Budget Calculator and Worksheet:

Planning the budget for your home is simple with this online form. This page contains all the categories you need to determine how you spend your money over a six month period. Use this printer friendly form if you wish to make your report on paper.

Home Affordability Calculator:

One of the first steps in obtaining a mortgage is finding out how much you can borrow. This easy to use calculator will ask for just few pieces of information and give you a good estimate of how much you can afford to borrow.

Automobile Loan Calculator:

Planning to take take out a loan to finance your next auto purchase? This calculator lets you enter the numbers you want to consider and tells you the monthly payment, interest rate, and number of payments.

Retirement Plan Calculator:

Planning to retire can be as easy as it sounds. This Calculator will show you how much money you need to start saving now to become financially secure when you retire. Other options are available when you retire, but if you are planning a better retirement, then check this calculator out so you can see how much money you can afford to retire on.

Unit Conversion Calculators:

Use these calculators to convert anything from currency, liquid units, distance units, and weight units.